Online ticket refunds

For most tickets, we can now accept and process refund applications online.

Please complete the form to see if your tickets are eligible for an automated refund. If they are then we will refund the amount in full (there are no administration fees). The refund will be visible in your account within the next five working days.

To automatically refund your tickets online, all the following conditions must be met:

  1. You have not used your tickets
  2. You want to refund all the tickets in the order
  3. You have not had your tickets posted to you, or have not collected them from a ticket vending machine
  4. If your order contains Advance tickets, then you are making this application before the first train departs, or you already emailed us at before the first train departed (even if that is now in the past), and they are all for travel on or after 23rd March
  5. If your order contains other tickets (e.g. Anytime or Off-Peak), you are making this application no more than 56 days after the last date of ticket validity
  6. Your payment card has not expired

If the tickets in your order do not meet all of these requirements then please contact us and we will help you.